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Bryan County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
I-1 I-1 Silo 73.64
DURI1 I-1 Durant City 73.64
MEAD I-1 Mead City 73.64
SILO I-1 Silo City 73.64
I-2 I-2 Rock Creek 78.83
BOKCH I-2 Bokchito City 78.83
I-3 I-3 Achille 81.29
ACHIL I-3 Achille City 81.29
HENDR I-3 Hendrix City 81.29
KEMP I-3 Kemp City 81.29
I-4 I-4 Colbert 82.38
I-40 I-40 Bennington 77.69
BENNI I-40 Bennington City 77.69
I-48 I-48 Calera 81.36
CALER I-48 Calera City 81.36
DUR48 I-48 Durant City 81.36
COLBE I-4 Colbert City 81.36
I-5 I-5 Caddo 82.70
ARMST I-5 Armstrong City 82.70
CADDO I-5 Caddo City 82.70
KENEF I-5 Kenefic City 82.70
I-72 I-72 Durant 90.05
DUR72 I-72 Durant City 90.05
I-1CH JI-1 Choctaw 75.37