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Sub-Division (Addition) List
Code Sub-Division Name
0000 Rural (No Addition)
B001 Achille
A005 Ada Mason
0001 Albany
A010 Albin Acres
A015 Alford Addition
D001 Armstrong
A020 Bel Air
0115 Bell Air
0120 Bell Meade
F001 Bennington
0123 Bent Tree Add
0005 Blue
H001 Bokchito
0125 Richard Hills (Borain)
N035 Bornheim Addition
A025 Briarwood Estates
A030 Brookeside
A035 Brookeside #2
A032 Brown Acres
A039 Brynn Grove
A040 Buddy Spencer
0135 Burbank Gardens (Cartwright)
0140 Burns Run (Cartwright)
0145 Butterfield Ridge
J001 Caddo
0148 Cale Switch Crossing
0149 Cale Switch Properties
L001 Calera
0150 Calera West Sub
A044 Camelot Forest Estates
A045 Capshaw
0015 Cartwright City
0153 Cedar Estates
0151 Cedar Grove Estates
0152 Cedar Grove South
L020 Cedar Haven
A050 Cedar Heights
0154 Cedar Ridge Addn
A051 Chambrooke Homes
0155 Childers Lakeview #1
0156 Childers Lakeview #2
A055 Chuckwa Hills #1
A056 Chuckwa Hills #2
A060 Clark Addition
A065 Clark Addition #2
0158 Clarkson Acres
N001 Colbert
BC00 Colbert Boat Club
0160 Collins
A070 Country Estates
A165 Country Estates #1
A166 Country Estates #2
A167 Country Estates #3
A168 Country Estates #4
A169 Country Estates #5
0170 Coxsey Acres
A075 Crestview
0172 Crestview II
A036 Cross Creek Retail Center
0175 Custom Corner
L005 Dansby
0180 Davidson Acres
0020 Davis Acres
0182 Deer Creek Crossing
0183 Deer Creek Unit #1
0185 Dogwood Acres
0190 Dogwood Park
A399 Durant City Lands
A001 Durant OT
A096 Durant Regional Park Airport Industrial Park
A098 Durant Town Center
0195 Eagle Lake
0196 Eagle Ridge
0197 Eagle Ridge II
H005 Easter North
A080 Fairview Heights
0200 Forest Acres
A085 Forest Hills
A090 Four Seasons
A095 Four Seasons #2
H015 Frank Addition
0055 Franklin
A100 Fred Jones
0205 Gable Sub
0210 Gentry
0213 Glenbrook
0212 Glenbrook II
0215 Glenwood Sub
0218 Green Oaks
0219 Green Oaks Phase II
0221 Green Oaks Phase III
A105 Grider Addition
A107 Hampton Inn
0220 Grider Addn (Colbert)
0225 Harts Sub (Vacated)
0230 Harwood
A110 Haynie Heights
P00L Kemp City (Hendrix)
A112 Heritage Crossing
0235 Hickory Hills Estates
0239 Hickory Hills Phase II
0238 Hickory Hills Sub
0241 Hickory Ridge
0214 Hidden Lake
0216 Glenbrook IV
0217 Glenbrook V
A115 Highland Park
0250 Highway 75 Sub
A120 Hillcrest
0248 Hillcrest Heights Est.
A125 Hillsdale
0240 Hilltop Sub
0242 Hilltop Sub #2
0243 Hilltop Sub #3
0244 Hilltop Sub #4
0090 SE (Holt) (Roberta)
0246 Howie Addition
0245 Hunters Ridge
0010 Huse Addition (Blue)
A130 Indian Acres
0249 Indian Terrace
A135 Ingram Addition
0247 Island Bayou
0252 Island Bayou Est
0030 Jackson City
0255 Jeffery Sub
A140 Jennings Heights
0260 Johnson Creek Est
J010 Katy Heights
0035 Keirsey
Q001 Kemp
S001 Kenefic
0042 Kiesey Meadows Sub
A143 Lahoma Landing I
A144 Lahoma Landing II
0265 Lake Ridge Sub
0275 Lake West Acres
0267 Lakeside Pointe
0270 Lakeview Addition
0272 Lakeview Ridge
0280 Lakewood Ranchettes (A-D)
A145 Lee Addition
A155 Lee Heights Sub
0285 Lee Heights Townsite (Colbert)
A150 Lee Subdivision
0283 Liberty Hills Addn
A156 Linden Wood Phase I
A160 Lynn Haven
J005 MK&T Caddo
A161 Madison Ridge Phase I
J015 Manning Addition
L010 Mantooth
A162 Martin Addition
0295 McCarley Addn
0296 McKennon Creek Est
U001 Mead
0297 Meadow View Est
0300 Moore Heights
A175 Moore's 1st
A177 CVS Durant
A170 Morris
A180 Mosely
A183 Murphey Oil
N030 Murray Heights Addition
N005 N.E. Heights
0085 NE Baker (Roberta)
0040 New Allison
PP01 Newberry Creek
A185 Normal Heights
0305 Norman Heights
0310 North Park Addn
A187 Northridge
A190 Northside Heights
0311 Northstar Est
A200 Northwest Heights
A202 Northwest Professional Park
N010 O'Kelly Addition
0312 Oak Grove Phase I
A205 Oak Hills 2nd
0315 Oak Hills Estates
A210 Oak Hills Sub
A215 Oak Ridge Heights
0045 Old Allison
0320 Park Lake (Park #1)
A218 Park Ridge Add Phase II
A217 Park Ridge Addition
A220 Parkview
A222 Parkwest
0321 Pebble Brooke Village
0325 Pecan Acres
0327 Pecan Acres Est Phase I
N007 Pemberly West
0065 Pirtle (was Hunter)
0067 Pirtle Heights
0328 Plantation Estates Sub
0050 Platter City
A329 Prairieview Est
A225 Presley
A227 Prestonwood
0330 Quail Acres
A230 Quail Creek
N015 Ramsey I
N016 Ramsey II
A240 Ransom
0332 Ray Meadows Est
0335 Red Oak Estates
0070 Red River City
0071 Red River City - North Addition
0340 Red River Est (Vacated)
0075 Red River Heights (Cartwright)
0345 Red River Manor
A349 Remington Hills Est Phase I
A351 Remington Hills Est Phase II
A352 Remington Hills Est Phase III
A353 Remington Hills Est Phase VI
A354 Remington Hills Est Phase V
L015 Reynolds
0124 Rich Estates
H010 Riddle
L016 Ridgecrest
0346 Ridgecrest Phase I
0347 Ridgecrest Phase II
A235 Ridgemont Estates
A236 Ridgemont Estates #2
0348 River Garden Farms
0354 River Oaks Sub
0350 River Road Estates
0080 Roberta City
N020 Roberts Addition
0355 Rock Creek Heights
0360 Rock Creek Heights #1
0365 Rollingwood Hills #1
0366 Rollingwood Hills #2
0367 Rollingwood Hills #3
0368 Rollingwood Hills #4
0369 Rollingwood Hills #5
0060 Russell Addn
0375 Sand Point Heights
0380 Sand Point Homesite Area
0383 Sand Point Supp #2
0384 Sand Point Homesite #3
0382 Sand Point Supp Homesite
0386 Sandstone Place
0390 Sandy Cove & Oak Hills Club
HOLT SE Holt (Roberta)
0395 Shady Acres
0396 Shady Acres #2
A245 Sherwood Forest
A250 Sherwood Forest #2
A251 Sherwood Forest #3
0405 Shroyer MH Park
W001 Silo
0410 Silo Acres
0411 Silo Acres #2
A415 Silverado
0420 Six Springs
F005 Smith Halsell
A253 Solymar Addn
0422 Southwind Est
A252 Spears Add
A255 Spring Creek Ranch
A423 Stone Briar Est
A260 Stone Creek
0425 Stone Creek #2
0426 Stone Creek #3
A427 Stone Creek #4
L017 Sullivan
L018 Sullivan II
L025 Sullivan III
0429 Summit
0428 Summit #2
A265 Sunny Meadows
0430 Sunny Vale
0435 Sunset Estates
A270 Sunset Heights #1
A271 Sunset Heights #2
A272 Sunset Heights #3
0025 Sweeney Addition
0400 Tabernacle Phase I
0437 Tambra Estates
A439 Terra Bella
0450 Texoma Lakeview
0455 Texoma Lakeview #2
A280 Timber Ridge Estates
0440 Timberline Resort
0444 Timberline Resort #1
0441 Timberline Resort #2
0442 Timberline Resort #3
0443 Timberline Resort #4
A290 Trent Heights
A285 Twinoaks
0460 Umsted Addn
A295 University Park
0095 Utica City
A300 Valley View
0100 Wade City
F010 Watkins & Denham Add
A305 Watkins Terrace
0110 Wells
A310 West End Heights
A315 West End Heights Re-sub
A320 West Place
A325 West Place #2
0465 Western Meadows Sub
N025 Westside Addition
0470 Westway
0473 White Oaks Addn
A326 Wildwood Est #1
A327 Wildwood Est #2
A328 Wildwood Est #2 re-plat
0480 Williford Woods
0482 Willow Creek Est
0485 Willowville
0490 Woodhaven Estates
0491 Woodlands
L030 Wright
0105 Yarnaby
A440 Redbud Estates
0398 Settlers Landing
A298 University Park
0486 Wilson Place
0500 York Addn